Jeb Bush To Sit Out Trump Inauguration

jeb bush

Apparently, failed 2016 GOP primary nominee and former Florida Gov. “Low Energy” Jeb Bush lacks the maturity to brush off past grudges. “The former governor will not attend the inauguration (of President-elect Donald Trump),” the Tampa Bay Times explained Wednesday. Never mind the fact that much of his extended family, including former President George W. Bush and former first lady […]

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Whoopi Goldberg DEMANDS Celebrities Boycott Trump’s Inauguration, Then Gets A NASTY Surprise

donald trump

Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, Whoopi Goldberg has been whining about how “unfair” the result is on her liberal talk show The View. During Tuesday’s episode of the show, Whoopi mouthed off about Bill O’Reilly’s claims that the liberal entertainment world has threatened to blacklist anyone who performs at Trump’s inauguration. The Fox News host […]

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“It is over.” Joe Biden stops cold House Democrat attempts to keep Trump from office

joe biden

We’ve now seen the end of the struggle to keep President-elect Donald Trump from attaining office, and it ended to the sound of laughter. House Democrats Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), and Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) stood multiple times in an attempt to challenge the certification of the Electoral College vote, only to have Vice President Joe Biden put an […]

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