Watch: Seconds Into Debate Hillary Plays The Card Everyone Knew Was Coming


With millions of Americans tuned in to see the first presidential debate of the general election, social-media users began dissecting the candidates’ performances as soon as moderator Lester Holt had asked his first question. In the first of six segments presented during Monday night’s debate, Holt focused on achieving prosperity through job creation. Citing a number of factors, including income […]

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Trump avoids Bill Clinton’s scandals ‘out of respect for Chelsea’

trump avoids

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Going into Monday night’s presidential debate, there was much speculation about whether Donald Trump would raise former President Bill Clinton’s history with women. He did not. In the spin room afterwards, Yahoo News’ Hunter Walker asked Trump if he was “tempted” to raise the topic, as he has done repeatedly on the campaign trial. “I was, but […]

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Is Donald Trump qualified to be president?

donald trump qualified

 H.L. Mencken declared there was only one way to look at a politician — “down.” Likewise, there’s really only one way to look at the first presidential debate on Monday: as the first serious job interview for potential President Donald John Trump — an opaque candidate who has hidden behind a steel curtain of one-liners, faux familiarity and universal celebrity. […]

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Gennifer Flowers Accepts Trump’s Invitation To Sit In Front Row At Debate, Here’s why!

gennifer flowers

Gennifer Flowers, the woman that Bill Clinton had an extramarital affair with, said she would accept Donald Trump‘s invitation to seat her in the front row of Monday’s presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. “Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!,” read a tweet from what appears to be Flowers’s account. Hi Donald. […]

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Fox News Is Trying To Fire Sean Hannity For An Insane Reason, How He Struck Back Is EPIC

sean hannity

  Fox News reporter Sean Hannity supports Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, and he decided to exercise his Constitutional right to Free Speech by appearing in an ad for our candidate. Fox News executives, however, were upset at Sean Hannity for appearing in this ad, because they thought Hannity should not pick sides. It should be noted that some top […]

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