Obama Cuts 2.6 Billion From Veterans While Allocating 4.5 Billion To Syrian Migrants Moving To America


Veteran Affairs is one of the most mismanaged government program in the United States. Veterans cannot make appointments, the cost for treatment is outrageous, over 307,000 veterans died waiting for care, yet nobody has been held accountable. The most recent atrocity by the VA came when the VA went to Congress, less than three months before the end of the […]

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Day After Debate, WikiLeaks Strikes Hillary With The Most Shocking Leak of 2016


  It’s nothing new to hear someone accuse Hillary Clinton of being a crooked criminal. Her criminal record, despite the fact that she’s not been officially charged, is one for the Guinness Book. Several hours after the final presidential debate, WikiLeaks has released the incriminating information that will destabilize the Clinton Campaign. Hillary’s most trusted adviser Huma Abedin has admitted […]

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