Spanish Rum Coffee Recipe For The Perfect Brunch

rum coffee

Taking coffee to another level is as easy as a piece of pie! For your Sunday Brunch treat yourself with a +18 version of your regular coffee, coming straight from the exotic Mediterranean. Today’s Spanish recipe gives a little twist to your basic coffee flavors and yes, it gives the adults a way to enjoy just enough liquor without going […]

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Turkish Coffee For Cold Winter Days

turkish coffee

No drama, no complications, no fuss…just coffee! We are personal lovers of Turkish coffee, and there is nothing easier to make! Turkish coffee falls into one of the strongest coffees you can taste, which only means it provides more health benefits (of course, when consumed moderately). Warm up and salute the fall with a cup of beyond aromatic and rich […]

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Mouthwatering Coffee Gel Treat!


Fans of coffee, unite! August heat demands an instant chilly drink, and we have it! Make the rest of these summer days count and enjoy this effortless recipe, composed of several impressive ingredients. Nothing soothes the soul better than a cup of coffee-rich charm. Here is the recipe (4 servings): Ingredients:  1 envelope unflavored gelatin  1/4 cup cold water  1 […]

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