How To Fade Scars Effectively (Home Recipe & Benefits)


Removing scars has never been so easy! Use home ingredients found in your kitchen to get rid of unpleasant scars easily. Give your skin that old shine and smoothness! Shea butter is the main ingredient that makes this recipe so incredible. It has been used for decades as natural skin toner, and is easily found in grocery stores and pharmacies. […]

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Homemade Antibacterial Hand Spray


It is not that hard to realize that most of our bacteria contact comes from our hands. If you like to exterminate germs and other harmful health threats, this is the recipe for you. You only need 1 minute to prepare it, and keep your hands clean and viruses out of reach. You only need three main supplies to get […]

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Perfect Homemade Shaving Cream


Everyone dislikes shaving, to say the least. But it is necessary to obtain a solid and appealing appearance so, yes, we all do it. Using shaving foams and creams can sometimes lead to irritations, so we thought of a better, more practical and healthier option. This homemade shaving cream is startling! The ingredients are well combined and composed to agree […]

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