Ivanka Trump Posts A Tweet- Asks Americans For Religious Tolerance!

ivanka trump

First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, has addressed America via a Twitter post that is focused on building religious tolerance. This week’s post comes after numerous Jewish community centers all over America were subjected to evacuation because of numerous received threats. Ivanka Trump herself converted to Judaism before marrying her husband, Jared Kushner. Her tweet was a clear message on her part […]

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Complete List of Everything Trump Accomplished in Just One Month


After one month in office, President Donald J. Trump is already achieving results for the American people. Jump starting Job Creation: President Trump is looking out for American workers that Washington has left behind. Signed a Presidential Memorandum ordering the United States to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and agreement Hosted the CEO of Intel to announce Intel’s plan […]

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Entitled Little Thugs Who Attacked Trump’s Motorcade, Just Received BRUTAL Lesson

donald trump1

This past weekend the anti-Trump protesters were out again to cause havoc. While the presidential motorcade was driving in Florida protesters threw a “small, hard” object. The latest stunt could have caused serious harm to President Trump, but thankfully it didn’t. Well, now the thugs who attacked the motorcade are learning a brutal lesson in karma. It is one thing […]

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